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Restoring, Maintaining and Enhancing the Southwest Corridor Park

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“To restore and enrich for current and future generations, the Southwest Corridor Park in partnership with the public, adjacent communities, businesses and educational and cultural institutions.”
......SW Corridor Park Conservancy

Park News and Information

Volunteer Days! Two volunteer days this month, Sept. 19th (Friday) and September 20th (Saturday), 10 am to noon. Come one and all. We may be planting mums, weeding, moving plants. RSVP please to fcamp195@gmail.com or via Facebook message to the SWCPC page.

Board Membership: A Great Opportunity to Get Involved!

The SWCP Conservancy is seeking applications for the Board of Directors. Read more: http://swcpc.org/board.htm.

Gardening in the Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteers -- help us to estimate the hours we all spend volunteering in the park - go to http://swcpc.org/volunteerhours.asp to provide your estimated hours.

Learn about gardening opportunities in the Southwest Corridor Park

NELDHA guide Take a Self-Guided Walking Tour of the South End. The New England Landscape and Design and History Association's South End Self-Guided Walking Tour, which includes a portion of Southwest Corridor Park, is online at http://www.neldha.org/walking-tours.

Gardening Links: Interested in finding out about upcoming volunteer days? Becoming a garden steward? Applying for a community garden plot? Go to the Gardening page for more information. Watch the SWCPC Facebook page for announcements of volunteer days and more.

JP Gardening Opportunities
Volunteers from JP have adopted several new gardens in and around Stony Brook station, with themes of edible gardening as well as landscape gardening. Email info@swcpc.org for information.

Parkland Management Advisory Committee (PMAC)

Monthly PMAC meetings provide on opportunity for neighbors, park volunteers and others to learn about and discuss park-related issues, public safety and more. Meetings are held monthly; see the PMAC page at http://swcpc.org/pmac.htm for full information. All are welcome to attend.

Community Garden Coordinators Sign-in