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“To restore and enrich for current and future generations, the Southwest Corridor Park in partnership with the public, adjacent communities, businesses and educational and cultural institutions.”
......SW Corridor Park Conservancy
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Park News and Information

SWC Path Survey: A PMAC bike-pedestrian path committee has conducted a survey about use of the SWC path, with 595 responses. Responses were very thoughtful, and provided insight into ways of improving bike-pedestrian culture and long-term and short-term enhancements to the path system. Next steps include working with DCR on stenciling/striping on the path; working with the city of Boston on some small changes to traffic signals; some surface improvements and other short-term and long-term enhancements. As we share survey results, we will continue the dialogue about building and maintaining a positive bike-pedestrian culture.

Magnolia Transplanting. A set of magnolia trees, donated and planted near Forest Hills several years ago by SWCP volunteers, is being transplanted to three locations along the park (Jamaica Plain to South End) during the Casey Overpass construction project. Here, photos from the first phase of this move.

Magnolias arrive at Wellington

Photo - Magnolias arrive Photo - Magnolias on the move Photo - Magnolias

Magnolias on the Move

Photo - Magnolias on the move Photo - Magnolias

Volunteer ActivitiesDurham Green Replanting. The Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy, in collaboration with the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), is replanting the hilly area in the park near the end of Durham Street. The area will be fenced for a few months while it is replanted with native grasses and sedges. These new plantings will be attractive native plants, drought-resistant and hardy in all types of weather.

The Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy is an all-volunteer organization, and raises funds from neighbors and supporters to pay for plantings and other park improvements. See http://swcpc.org/involved.htm (Donors & Volunteers) if you are interested in making a monetary contribution or volunteering with the Conservancy.

Photos in the image gallery page: Durham Green - Image Gallery

Parkland Management Advisory Committee (PMAC)

Monthly PMAC meetings provide on opportunity for neighbors, park volunteers and others to learn about and discuss park-related issues, public safety and more. Meetings are held monthly; see the PMAC page at http://swcpc.org/pmac.htm for full information. All are welcome to attend.

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