Southwest Corridor Park

Donors and Volunteers

The Southwest Corridor Park has always been supported by strong community involvement. If you would like to contribute to the park and to the Conservancy, you can do so in the following ways.

Volunteer support is essential to the park

Contributions: The SWCPC is a not-for-profit (501 3C) organization founded in 2004 to raise funds to maintain the beauty and functionality of the Southwest Corridor Park. All monies raised go directly towards supporting improvement projects and to park maintenance in partnership with the state Department of Conservation and Recreation. Contributions can be made in several ways:

You may donate online using the PayPal button below.

Contributions by check should be sent to: Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy, Box 171553, Boston, MA 02117 |

If you are interested in donating securities or making other types of donations, please contact Franco Campanello, SWCPC President, at 617-642-5223 (email:

In-kind contributions are also welcome. If you would like to donate plants, flowers and/or services, we gratefully accept them. For more information on making in-kind contributions, please contact Franco Campanello, President, at 617-642-5223.

All contributions are tax deductible in accordance with 501-C3 allowances.

Volunteering: Volunteers can participate for a few hours per year or regularly throughout the gardening season. You might help with a one-time spring clean-up, or volunteer occasionally throughout the year, or take primary responsibility for a particular garden area along the corridor. Volunteers can focus on gardening or on many other roles as well. If you'd like to volunteer or if you'd just like to find out more about volunteer opportunities, please contact Franco Campanello, SWCPC President, at 617-642-5223 or by email at

Participation in PMAC: The Park Management Advisory Council (PMAC) is the community voice for the Southwest Corridor. See the About PMAC page on this website for more information.