Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer Hour Tracking - Summary

Thank you for all the work you do in the Southwest Corridor Park! Here is a summary of the information entered so far.

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73.5 hours tracked so far in 2021

73.5 total volunteer hours

Volunteers worked in more than 4 different garden locations in the Southwest Corridor Park

On our volunteer days, 4 leaf/compost bags have been filled.

Details - by Location and Garden

DateMap Area #Name of AreaHoursComments/DescriptionBags (optional info)Number of people in group
5-4-20212F Jackson Square Playground Garden1.5 hoursStarting regular weekly children`s garden time, Tuesdays at 4pm, but it was not garden weather! Turned over soil, transplanted vinca to the area around the new berry bushes. 1
5-2-202102 Rose Garden2 hoursAdded iris to top corner next to pine tree donated by Trustees Wellington Green. 1
5-2-20212F Jackson Square Playground Garden1 hoursPlanted blackberry and continued turning over the section of the L along the garden fence. 1
4-28-202102 Rose Garden3 hoursSpread another delivery of mulch, did lily of the valley bed and across from it. Weeded and pruned dead rose bush branches from rabbits.  1
4-27-202102 Rose Garden6 hoursSpread mulch at entry and along right side of gravel path. Weeded and pruned as I went. Hannah joined and helped and scraped and painted wire chairs and table red.  2
4-27-20212F Jackson Square Playground Garden1 hoursBiked to JP to pick up donated plants and transplanted into the children`s garden. Starting to turn over soil along the fence. 1
4-24-2021SE 5 hours 1
4-23-20212F Jackson Square Playground Garden1 hoursPlanted geraniums and cinquefoil; transplanted vinca from pathway to the corner of the "L" with rose bush. 1
4-22-20212F Jackson Square Playground Garden3 hoursWeeding & planning for summer. Planted alyssium saxatile (Basket of Gold perennial). 3
4-18-202102 Rose Garden3 hoursPut up more fencing for roses. Rabbits have killed most previous growth on all roses including the mature 5 foot plus roses : (. Carey gave cannas and elephant ear bulbs that I planted throughout. Probably a week or two to early but hopefully no more snow and cold weather like last Friday.  1
4-17-202102 Rose Garden3 hoursCut green wire fence to stake and wrap around Rose bushes, most chewed down to ground. : ( 1
4-14-202102 Rose Garden1 hoursStarted fencing off roses that have been chewed down close to the ground by rabbits to protect any new growth.  1
4-11-202102 Rose Garden3 hoursFertilized the grass, 2/3 of the roses, ran out of fertilizer. Cut down the grasses and raked area. Transplanted some flowers from pots to area along path. Collected about a dozen needles along the evergreen hedge, reported them and they’ve been picked up. Talked w Jackie about “After Bambera” 1
4-9-202102 Rose Garden5 hoursMulched around chairs. Raked last of leaves from Maple. Pruned the few remaining 4 ft branches of spirea hedge to match the rabbits 2 foot hedge. Pruned badly eaten Rose bushes :( and collected evergreen branches from pots.  1
4-3-202105 Blackwood/Claremont CG Blackwood/Claremont CG14 hoursToday we cleaned out invasives from Stoneyard, dug out Rock Garden, removed stumps and Goutweed, spread logs and soil and stone. 4 bags7
3-30-2021SE 4 hoursSpring is fully arrived. Gorgeous weather. Flowers opening sooner than ever. Today I moved plants around, staked up the new Holly, cleaned up at Claremont, with Lincoln set out soaker hoses in Order and Chaos.  1
3-21-202102 Rose Garden3 hoursMoved rope line to include after Bambera and other planted areas. Took from upper hillside. Straightened other stakes. They are getting shorter and shorter from rot and termites. Put out metal square fences to protect daffodil clumps from dogs and people.  1
3-6-2021SE 3 hoursToday I pruned roses and shrubs along the park, moved logs. Rabbits are devouring the shrubs. We probably lost one good size Fothergilla and one whole maple sprig.  1
3-3-202102 Rose Garden3 hoursTrimmed tree branches with Pat and Mike to give them better form and allow more light for other trees and bushes to grow.  1
3-1-202102 Rose Garden2 hoursTrimmed remaining Rose bushes that had leaves late into winter.  1
2-202102 Rose Garden3 hoursShoveled out chair area throughout winter. Amazing the number of people enjoying the chairs throughout winter.  1
2-202102 Rose Garden3 hoursShoveled out chair area throughout winter. Amazing the number of people enjoying the chairs throughout winter.  1
Total  73.5 hours 4 bags