Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer Hour Tracking - Summary

Thank you for all the work you do in the Southwest Corridor Park! Here is a summary of the information entered so far. The first chart shows hours by month. The second provides a listing of entries, including the map location, hours, date and description or comments.

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2216 hours tracked so far in 2016

2216 total volunteer hours

Volunteers worked in more than 34 different garden locations in the Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer garden stewards work on their own throughout the week and also groups of volunteers work on the approximately 25 volunteer days we have held so far this year.

Volunteers work either on their own; or in small groups; or in larger groups, with up to 25 volunteers working on our largest volunteer day.

On our volunteer days, 236 leaf/compost bags have been filled.

New plantings include 18 trees and 77 shrubs.

Volunteer Hours - By Group Size (working alone; in a group of 2-4; in a group of 5 or more)

Working alone 999.5 hours
5 or more people 958 hours
2-4 people 258.5 hours

Details - by Location and Garden

DateMap Area #Name of AreaHoursComments/DescriptionBags (optional info)Number of people in group
12-22-201611 Round Window Lawn24 hoursSummer 2016 hours / estimated 2
12-22-201606 Wellington Terrace 24 hoursSummer 2016 hours / estimate 1
12-22-201615 W. Rutland Circle35 hoursSummer 2016 hours / estimated 1
12-16-201614 Durham Oval31 hoursJoel and his crew weed, prune and clean up the area around Durham St. This is an in kind contribution. 15 bags1
12-13-2016SE 5 hoursRemoved fence, set up fence at Follen and Durham, mulched at Holyoke, pruned at Durham. 1
12-13-2016SE 5 hourspruned at Durham, moved fencing at follen, braddock and durham, and mulched at holyoke 1
12-13-201612 Greenwich Park Terrace24 hoursSummer 2016 hours / estimate 1
12-1-2016JP 100 hoursTotal hours for JP / Festival Garden and other gardens 5
12-1-201624 Carleton Sidewalk24 hoursSummer 2016 hours / estimated 2
12-1-201620 Follen St Corner35 hoursSummer 2016 hours / estimated 1
12-1-201601 Mass Ave Garden2 hoursWeeding, raking and removing old pumpkin vines1 bags1
12-1-201612 Greenwich Park Terrace24 hoursEstimated cumulative hours 1
12-1-201613 Tennis Court Island24 hoursSummer 2016 hours / estimated 1
12-1-2016SE 1 hoursWeeding on stretch between Greenwich Park and Claremont Park 1
12-1-201610 Claremont Island24 hoursSummer 2016 hours / estimated 1
11-29-2016SE 5 hoursGot weed wacker from Pat and wacked the grasses at Follen and Claremont, to use as mulch, used leaves as mulch around London Planes at Holyoke. Made Comfrey tea.  1
11-19-2016SE 30 hoursBoston Cares and Cosmopolitan Neighborhood Assoc., raking leaves and other work. 15
11-17-201602 Rose Garden3 hourspruned in rose garden and removed damaged yew at the Wellington Strip. 4 bags1
11-14-201618N Follen Swale6 hoursTransplanted ferns to Follen, repaired water drain at Follen, pruned as well.  1
11-11-2016SE 3 hourspruned at Greenwich, Rose Garden and Mass Ave area4 bags1
11-9-201618N Follen Swale5 hoursMoved ferns. park general maintenance4 bags2
11-9-201604 Butterfly Garden10 hours3 bags5
11-8-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden5 hoursPlanted bulbs and mums at Jackson Sq. near the hall 5
11-5-201618N Follen Swale2 hoursPlanted Chinodoxa at Follen Swale2 bags1
11-5-201621 Carleton Path2 hoursRolled and stored hoses, built stone border at Tot Lot entry/Follen garden. 3 bags10
11-2-2016SE 9 hoursScoped out possible irrigation system at Butterfly Meadow, removed grass from Tennis Ct. circle, pruned yews inside Greenwich Gdn, removed invasives from Greenwich Strip..  3
11-201609 Claremont Inlet6 hoursMulching, clean-up, planting bulbs: Dan, June, Andrea, Karl, and Jonathan 5
10-20-2016SE 2 hoursPulling vines from juniper bushes; removing trash from bushes 1
10-16-201605A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursWeeding 2
10-15-2016JP 30 hoursSet up irrigation - a trench for a 100 foot rubber hose from the water source to the Amory St. garden. Also some fall garden clean-up in the Amory St. garden. 10
10-15-201604 Butterfly Garden24 hoursKaren cleaned out Butterfly meadow. We worked on building a stone edge at W Canton, and weeded out the area.6 bags11
10-12-201604 Butterfly Garden10 hours3 bags5
10-10-2016SE 2 hoursPruned from W. Canton to W. Newton. 4 bags1
10-4-201627 West Canton Green8 hoursTransplanted at W. Canton, Moved ferns and hostas to Follen 1
10-201609 Claremont Inlet15 hoursImproving soils, developing plot plan, buying and planting bulbs, building rock terrace: D. & J. d`Heilly, J.Koplos, A.Cimmamon, Franco, Jennifer, C.Gebert, Vahram,  8
9-30-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden4 hoursStarting to scrape garden wall (was painted several years ago with a mural, now peeling) Four adult volunteers. 4
9-29-201618 W Newton Plaza8 hoursCleaned out West Newton East. 6 bags1
9-28-201604 Butterfly Garden1 hours1 bags1
9-27-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursShowing earthworms to children -- 2 adult volunteers. Also happened to turn over some sections of garden in preparation for spring. 2
9-22-201626 Harcourt Corner4 hourscleaned out Foster Bed. Saw Yellow Swallowtail, Monarch, 3 large moths, Female Goldfinch and Woodpecker3 bags1
9-21-201604 Butterfly Garden8 hours5 bags4
9-20-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden8 hoursChildren`s garden -- About nine children. Trimmed around crab apple tree, digging, deadheading, etc. (Also sanding stuff with sandpaper) 10
9-18-2016SE 8 hoursEd raked and planted grass at Follen,watered grass at Durham and Greenwich as well I planted Pinus parviflora at Braddock hill and Cotinus at Blackwood Green 1
9-17-2016RX 14 hoursA first year Northeastern student organized a small group to do a clean up on the SWCP in the section between Ruggles & Rox Crossing. 7
9-17-201627 West Canton Green16 hoursBagged weeds pulled previous 2 days, laid stone at W. Canton, planted Mums at Dog Park16 bags6
9-17-2016All 2 hoursMisc. -- biked supplies over to Northeastern students; watered new tree; biked to Stony Brook to look at possible playground clean-up project. 1
9-16-201602 Rose Garden16 hoursPlanted at Rose Garden, worked at Follen 8
9-15-2016SE 27 hoursplanted most of items purchased at Weston Nurseries, Ed and Joe cleaned out Durham Swale, while we planted at Follen and W. Canton 6
9-15-2016SE 4 hoursPlanting trees and shrubs 5
9-13-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden8 hoursChildren`s garden - collecting seeds; other 10
9-12-201611 Round Window Lawn10 hoursReceived shipment from Weston. Unloaded and watered and distributed. Pruned and weeded as well.  1
9-9-201608 Blackwood Green4 hoursWorked at W Canton and Blackwood Green4 bags1
9-9-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden15 hoursJackson Sq. - first after-school program day of Sept. Garden is super-dry. Eggplant is almost ready to pick; parsley is good; flowers are going strong. (Zinnias reaching end of season; petunias still blossoming; alyssum and chives). About nine children, including `regulars` from the after-school program and some others who were at the playground with family. 10
9-8-2016All 12 hoursWe went to Westin Nurserues and purchased $3000 worth of trees and shrubs.  3
9-4-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursWeeding 1
9-2-2016SE 41 hoursWeeded at Butterfly meadow, spread soil at Follen, planted Linden at follen, moved stone to W. Canton, Set Stone at Dog Park, prepped Durham Green6 bags13
8-31-201604 Butterfly Garden6 hours3 bags3
8-28-2016SE 4 hoursJust watering 1
8-28-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursWatering 1
8-27-201612 Greenwich Park Terrace4 hoursBitter words with Blackstone neighbor over feral cats, chased 3 homeless out of Rose Garden, met w/ neighbor over Blackstone restoration, weeded at Greenwich Pk, watered at Durham. 4 bags1
8-26-201627 West Canton Green4 hoursWeeded at W. Canton. Watered along park. 6 bags1
8-25-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursWatering, kids picking and eating beans & peas. Pea plants that we planted in July are starting to have peas. 1
8-20-201605A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursWeeding 1
8-20-2016SE 12 hours8 bags6
8-20-201604 Butterfly Garden18 hours7 bags9
8-19-201604 Butterfly Garden1 hours1 bags1
8-18-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden15 hoursHours from three days - Children`s Playground Garden. Spreading hay, arranging new cobblestones, transplanting chives & queen anne`s lace (into a dry spot), setting up "worm bed", watering and other tasks. 8
8-18-201601 Mass Ave Garden4 hoursWatering etc. at Mass Ave and Potting Garden (over past two weeks) 1
8-17-201604 Butterfly Garden12 hours3 bags6
8-15-201606 Wellington Terrace 9 hoursWEEDED zinnia bed, moved viburnum, pruned out mulberries and pokeweed, cut out dead Hamemalis and Ailanthus. Sent out fundraising letters to Braddock Pk. 4 bags1
8-15-2016SE 17 hoursWatering and more watering, entire section. This is just my part. Drought continues. 6 bags1
8-9-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden7 hourschildren`s garden work - watering, gathering and drying seeds for next year, adding to the "moss garden." 5
8-8-201605A Steppingstone Garden0.5 hoursWatering, weeding 1
8-4-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden7 hoursWorked on "vertical garden" shelf (moss, etc.) and watered. 7
8-3-201604 Butterfly Garden10 hours3 bags5
8-2-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden7 hoursTransplanted oregano, weeded, worked on `vertical garden`, pruned. 2 adults, about 6 children. 8
8-201609 Claremont Inlet65 hoursRemoving yews, improving soil, developing plot plan and presenting at PMAC; D. & J. d`Heilly, Lenny, J.Koplos, K.,A.,J. & A.Cimmamon, Franco, Jennifer, Skip, Laurel, L.Popper, Lauri, C.Gebert, Vahram, J. & H. Bloom, B.Pike, P.Carey 25
7-28-2016All 275 hourswater, plant, weed 1
7-28-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden5 hoursJuly 26/28. No program this week, but several children helped to set in cobblestones and to water. 90 degree weather, no rain. 5
7-28-201619 Follen St Triangle47 hoursApril 1 to today.10 bags1
7-23-201601 Mass Ave Garden1.5 hoursWeeding, watering. 1
7-22-201616E Basketball Hill4 hoursplanted at Follen, weeded and watered along the park. 2 bags1
7-21-201605A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursAdded rue and ice plant. Weeding, watering. Now harvesting zucchini. 1
7-21-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden14 hoursPlayground garden - added thyme, hyssop, chocolate mint, ice plant. Put in bamboo stakes for the beans. Using paint stirrers for signs. Kids are giving tours of the garden to others, highlighting what you can eat right from the garden (radishes, mint, parsley, beans, etc.). Another adult volunteer, a Bromley resident, is watering. 10
7-20-201604 Butterfly Garden12 hours4 bags5
7-20-201625 Canine Vista2 hoursWeed 1
7-16-201618N Follen Swale18 hoursWe spread compost at Follen and cleaned out raised bed W. Newton East, put down special compost. 6 bags8
7-15-201618 W Newton Plaza4 hoursWatered, weeded and planted at W. Newton west. Pat Driscoll repaired gate at Claremont Comm. Gdn, delivered soil. Purchased irrigation parts at home depot.2 bags1
7-14-2016SE 20 hoursThrough July 6 bags1
7-14-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden8 hoursChildren`s garden, July 12 & 14 10
7-14-2016SE 18 hourswatered, planted, to Mason Hollow to purchase shrubs 1
7-14-2016SE 60 hoursEstimate for Ed, May, through mid July 10 hrs per wk.  1
7-14-2016SE 60 hoursEstimate for Ed, May, through mid July 10 hrs per wk.  1
7-12-201610 Claremont Island3 hoursnew volunteer, long time resident, cleaned out under junipers at Claremont Comm. Gdn6 bags1
7-10-201605A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursDropped off garden planters for two gardens. (playground garden and potting garden) 2
7-9-201605A Steppingstone Garden3 hoursWeeding, watering 1
7-5-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden12 hours- Planted peas, lettuce and radishes from seed. - Picked radishes. - Weeding. - Garden tours for children new to the program. 10
7-3-201601 Mass Ave Garden1.5 hoursFollowing up from the removal of the cherry tree -- cut up roots and moved flat stones into the area. Will water and re-establish ground covers and annuals until we get a new tree there. 1
7-1-201625 Canine Vista4 hoursWeed, water, trim 1
7-201604 Butterfly Garden86 hoursSo far 2016 5
6-28-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden20 hoursEstimated hours for second half of June in Jackson Sq. Playground Garden. Includes weeding, watering, cutting back tree shoots, and some continued planting. Also transplanting chives and milkweed from the main garden into the "valley" between the garden and playground. Hours are based on one adult and rotating groups of children. 10
6-26-201616W Tennis Corner2 hoursPainted three light poles and four trash containers between West Newton and Mass Ave.  2
6-25-2016SE 8 hoursWeeded at Claremont. Worked in new sprinklers. 2 bags1
6-23-201605A Steppingstone Garden4 hoursMoved vinca from Mass Ave garden to Potting garden in preparation for removal of cherry tree. 2
6-22-201601 Mass Ave Garden2 hoursWatering and weeding (various days), Mass Ave., Potting Garden and Claremont Inlet. 2
6-18-2016SE 8 hourswater, weed, planted all along park. 2 bags1
6-18-2016SE 26 hoursMoved soil, weeded at Butterfly meadow. Planted ferns at Follen, weeded at W. Newton. 6 bags12
6-9-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden7 hoursPlayground garden - Young adult volunteer cleared out the "valley" between the playground and garden, providing extra space for squash and pumpkins. Children planted a few additional items, labeled plants and watered. 5
6-8-201609 Claremont Inlet10 hoursVolunteer event with a small group from Liberty Mutual. Weeded Claremont Inlet and moved plants around. The corner garden is now ready for a new volunteer or new plantings.2 bags5
6-2-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden10 hoursHours for May 31st and June 2nd, Jackson Sq. 8
6-1-201605A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursWater, transplant, weed 1
5-30-201601 Mass Ave Garden2 hoursPlanted squash in potting garden (seedlings from Whole Foods). Found and transplanted gourds in Mass Ave garden (sprouted from the gourds last year). Moved lantana to new locations. Continued moving plants and rubber barriers to reduce erosion in the garden.  1
5-27-201601 Mass Ave Garden3 hoursMay 26/27 -- miscellaneous - watering + children`s program. (Mass Ave. Potting Garden, Jackson Sq.) 1
5-26-2016SE 2 hourswatered, laid hoses, planted and weeded, all along the park. Note, Nectarine is in serious trouble and may not live. Invasive eradication is now an urgent need.  1
5-25-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursWatering 2
5-24-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden16 hoursPlanted: Columbine, petunias, squash, pumpkins, peppers, other.... nasturtium seeds... put in cobblestones and rope fence. 12
5-24-201622A Holyoke Circle5 hoursTo Home Depot for plants and suppplies, worked on Holyoke Circle1 bags1
5-23-201605A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursWatering, transplanting. 1
5-21-201606 Wellington Terrace 18 hoursWeeded Upper Wellington Terrace and planted iris lilies and hyssop. 2 bags8
5-20-2016SE 8 hoursTransplanted along the park. Watered, laid stone. 2 bags1
5-19-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden18 hoursWith the Kids Club, 9-13 year olds, turned over the soil in the Jackson Square playground garden. About ten children worked for about hour each; two neighborhood adults worked with us 1-2 hours to complete the project at the end of the evening. 14
5-18-201607 Claremont Green2 hoursWatered along park, planted Gillenia and Comptonia at Follen. Bees are building a nest on Rizzos Fence at Claremont Park.  1
5-18-201605A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursPlanted more lantana and caryopteris at Mass Ave.; transplanted more sedum and other things to front of garden to reduce erosion; added seven pots of miscellaneous (mint, violets, etc.) to Potting Garden. Watered; weeded. Noted that nasturtium, peas and alyssum are sprouting from seeds. 1
5-17-201601 Mass Ave Garden1 hoursWatering; weeding; transplanting to reduce water run-off 1
5-16-2016SE 2 hourswatered, weeded, moved soakers, removed Japanese Knotweed at Columbus and Holyoke.  1
5-15-201601 Mass Ave Garden1.5 hoursPlanted six lantana (yellow lemon) from Garden Harvest Supply. Watered both gardens. (Water is now ON again.) Noticed that I need to terrace Mass Ave garden because the water runs off too quickly when the soil is dry 1
5-15-201614 Durham Oval6 hoursAbbutter Joel Zimet on Durham had his crew out cleaning up around Durham st. on the park. 10 bags3
5-15-2016SE 4 hoursIssues with homeless at Mass Ave, called State police. Pruned, set up soakers, turned on water, weeded, general clean up and organization. Severe Bishops weed infestations park wide. 10 bags1
5-14-2016SE 4 hoursPlanted at Follen, set soakers all over park.  1
5-12-2016All 24 hoursYear posting of hours for getting mail, banking, bookkeeping done by myself.  1
5-12-2016SE 12 hoursRan soakers, planted, mostly at Follen Swale. Water finally on on the SW side of the park.  2
5-11-2016SE 10 hoursPlanted at Follen, pruned at Rose Garden.2 bags1
5-7-201605A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursTransplanted violets and four strawberry plants in front of potting garden. 1
5-4-2016SE 10 hoursplanted all along secton 1, ran hoses, ran fencing 2
5-3-201618 W Newton Plaza14 hoursPlanted all around W. Newton St, on the raised beds and at Follen Swale.  2
4-30-201601 Mass Ave Garden8 hoursPark Serve Day. Planted annuals and weeded at Mass. Ave. and Potting Garden. 3
4-30-201618S Braddock Hill12 hoursPark Serve Day. Worked all around the park, and planted at Follen Swale. DCR planted at Braddock Hill, removed dead magnolias all over section 1, and planted 2 at Hill.  2
4-29-201622 Holyoke Path14 hoursPurchases at Cavicchio, planted at Dog Park etc.  2
4-28-201622A Holyoke Circle7 hoursShopping at 4 Generations Nursery, laid soakers at Holyoke circle and Harcourt Bed. Dealt with DCR re Park Serve and water outage  1
4-28-201618N Follen Swale10 hoursWork at follen area laying hoses 1
4-25-201611 Round Window Lawn6 hoursplanted at Round window, laid sokers at Dog Park. Planted at Geenwich 2
4-25-201626 Harcourt Corner4 hoursPlanted, weeded, laid hoses mostly at harcourt Area.  1
4-25-201611 Round Window Lawn4 hoursplanted at Round Window Garden 2
4-21-2016SE 30 hoursPlanted, set logs at Braddock Hill and Follen Swale, weeded at Follen circle, planted at Dog Park and Butterfly extension. Watered all park2 bags10
4-16-201601 Mass Ave Garden1.5 hoursPlanted violas, mums, phlox for quick spring color, some weeding. (Patriots Day/Marathon weekend + four day week) 1
4-16-201607 Claremont Green29 hoursSetting Stones, planted azaleas12 bags14
4-16-201607 Claremont Green29 hoursSetting Stones, planted azaleas12 bags14
4-16-201601 Mass Ave Garden3.5 hoursTurning over soil, pulling out weeds 2
4-12-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursSpent two hours with kids program at Bromley Heath, doing planning for the "playground garden." 1
4-11-201601 Mass Ave Garden0.5 hoursStarting spring cleanup 1
4-9-20162F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursPruning trees and tree shoots in Jackson Sq. garden. 2
4-8-2016SE 3 hourspruned, collected trash, moved a sleeping guest off the beds 1
4-8-201611 Round Window Lawn4 hoursspread stone at Round Window Garden. Planned draining at Harcourt.  1
4-5-201608 Blackwood Green3 hourslaid stone at Blackwood 1
4-1-201610 Claremont Island6 hourslaid 28 ft of stone edge at Claremont Pk Community Garden NW entrance. Finished work at Rose Garden Bench 2
3-30-201602 Rose Garden15 hoursLaid pad for the Rose Garden Bench. 2
3-24-201621 Carleton Path6 hoursmoved grasses and transplanted them on to the grass strip at Follen Garden, and transplanted Tiger Eye sumac on to Garrison Cove 2
3-23-201607 Claremont Green4 hoursplanted paw paw and tulip tree, pruned along Claremont Pk. 1
3-20-2016All 48 hoursFundraising Day, stuffing envelopes 10
3-18-2016SE 8 hoursSet up for volunteer day, planning for plantings repairs and construction 2
3-16-201620 Follen St Corner3 hoursPruned, worked with Pat from DCR cutting trees in Follen Gdn area. 1
3-3-2016All 8 hoursFundraising work.  2
3-1-2016All 16 hoursTo Cavicchio Nursery for open house.  2
2-22-201601 Mass Ave Garden2 hours 1
Total  2216 hours 236 bags