Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer Hour Tracking - Summary

Thank you for all the work you do in the Southwest Corridor Park! Here is a summary of the information entered so far. The first chart shows hours by month. The second provides a listing of entries, including the map location, hours, date and description or comments.

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1848.25 hours tracked so far in 2017

1848.25 total volunteer hours

Volunteers worked in more than 28 different garden locations in the Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer garden stewards work on their own throughout the week and also groups of volunteers work on the approximately 12 volunteer days we have held so far this year.

Volunteers work either on their own; or in small groups; or in larger groups, with up to 20 volunteers working on our largest volunteer day.

On our volunteer days, 189 leaf/compost bags have been filled.

New plantings include 18 trees and 77 shrubs.

Volunteer Hours - By Group Size (working alone; in a group of 2-4; in a group of 5 or more)

Working alone 897.5 hours
5 or more people 802 hours
2-4 people 148.75 hours

Details - by Location and Garden

DateMap Area #Name of AreaHoursComments/DescriptionBags (optional info)Number of people in group
12-30-201704 Butterfly Garden56 hoursSeptember thru December14 bags4
12-8-201722A Holyoke Circle2 hoursplanted Allium at Holyoke, raked leaves at Holyoke, Gathered Hoses and Soakers. 1
12-2-2017SE 3 hoursPruned at Greenwich, W. Rutland, Durham and Braddock Hill.  1
12-1-2017All 24 hoursGrow Boston Greener Conference, 3 days, and Meeting with Lorraine and Karen at Durham Circle.  1
11-18-2017All 7 hoursAttended Friends Network annual gathering in Upton, MA. Seems that volunteer housrs are valued at $28/hr.  1
11-8-2017SE 2 hoursGathered 18 couplers, stored hoses, cleaned out toy box.  1
11-4-201712 Greenwich Park Terrace3 hoursplanted and weeded at Greenwich.2 bags2
11-3-201710 Claremont Island50 hoursApproximate hours - two volunteers 2
11-3-201720 Follen St Corner100 hoursApproximate estimate for season 1
11-3-201717 W Newton Island20 hours 1
11-3-201713 Tennis Court Island50 hours 1
11-3-201708 Blackwood Green4 hoursWeeded out Blackwood Green and transplanted a dwarf pine from Kim Moy`s house to Blackwood Green. Rolled up hoses as well3 bags1
11-3-201702 Rose Garden30 hours 1
10-31-201711 Round Window Lawn2 hourspruned @ round window garden and Durham Green3 bags1
10-30-201705A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursWeeded; added vinca 1
10-29-201711 Round Window Lawn4 hoursMet with Pat Driscoll about pruning at Rowund Window Garden, pruned the forsythia, cherry tree and yew hedge, and a bit of the lilac. 2 bags1
10-29-201714A Durham Swale1 hoursError correction. The death on the park was a homeless person, not a death due to opioid overdose. 1
10-27-201702 Rose Garden1.5 hoursWorked between 2 dead dog wood trees trimming rose bushes, cutting out dead branches. Pulled wild trees and bushes from area around/in rose bushes.  1
10-24-201702 Rose Garden3 hoursRose garden, cut back overgrowth of roses, wild trees and weeds along wrought iron fence.  1
10-22-201722A Holyoke Circle5 hoursWatered up and down the park. No rain since mid September, and the park is dry. Moved valerian and thalictrum to Upper Braddock. 5 needles. saved one viburnum ripped by contractors at West Canton Green.  1
10-21-201708 Blackwood Green12 hoursAlthea, Dan , Paul (althea`s husband) and I cleaned out Blackstone, pruned, spread compost and watered. A gorgeous day in the high 70`s. 15 bags1
10-18-2017SE 125 hoursSeason estimate 1
10-18-2017SE 1.5 hoursWeeding raised bed at entry to community gardens at the end of Claremont Park 1
10-18-2017SE 4 hoursweek of Jan 15th. Watered, weeded, moved some plants, discussed issues with pat, rolled up hoses.  1
10-17-201702 Rose Garden2 hoursPruned some roses back for the season 1
10-17-2017SE 1.5 hoursWeeding along shrubs in front of the community gardens between Greenwich Park and Claremont Park 1
10-11-201702 Rose Garden2 hoursCut back dead, disease or dieng parts of the two entry trees and removed the bench w Help.  1
10-10-201702 Rose Garden2 hoursReviewed garden w Franco, Jennifer, and DCR 1
10-5-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden6 hoursPlanted chysathamums; transplanted mint into pots in valley garden. 4
10-1-201705A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursWeeding 1
9-29-201718S Braddock Hill6 hoursSpread compost, pruned, planted Cunninghamia1 bags2
9-23-201712 Greenwich Park Terrace5 hoursBoston Cares did not show up, so Carla and I weeded at the Greenwich Park strip with the BayBerry and amsonia. Planted and weeded at Braddock Hill. 6 bags2
9-17-2017All 30 hoursStuffing of envelopes, fundraising at franco`s, And Curtis found the chairs.  10
9-13-201708A Blackwood End8 hoursCleaned up at Blackwood Green, and planted Chionanthus at W Newton W.  1
9-12-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden2.5 hours1 adult and 2 children; watered; added a little bit more thyme and low-growing sedum. 3
9-8-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden12 hours1 adult, 5 children. Continued to improve cobblestone path; pruned shoots around crab apple tree; transplanted dianthus, making room for taller flowers in center of the flower border along the fence, so that flowers will be more visible from the bike path and playground. Took pictures/video for ELM project. 6
9-8-201714A Durham Swale0.5 hoursSect 1`s first opioid death at durham Hill. I spoke briefly with state troopers.  1
9-7-201705A Steppingstone Garden2.25 hoursUsed electric pruners to prune holly bushes and pull out small trees that had grown up in bushes. 2
9-6-2017JP 200 hours 10
9-5-201704 Butterfly Garden110 hoursYearly total through August35 bags20
9-4-201712 Greenwich Park Terrace4 hoursWe weeded and pruned at Greenwich Circle.4 bags1
8-31-201718S Braddock Hill38 hoursWe built a log barrier at upper Braddock Hill, using logs from Hemlocks cut down at Braddock Line. 4 bags12
8-31-201705A Steppingstone Garden10 hoursWorked with four Northeastern students from the ACES program; major weeding on Claremont Green and Potting Garden 5
8-29-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden12 hoursChildren`s garden - watered strawberries and other new transplants; one of the girls figured out a way to re-build the cobblestone path, moved stones and transplanted/watered a few plants to make way for the new design. Also welcomed some new gardeners and helped them to sample kale, mint, borage, clover, etc. 6
8-20-201714A Durham Swale4 hoursweeded and planted at Durham, watered at Follen4 bags1
8-20-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden8 hoursPurchased and planted new strawberries (June bearing, with runners). Also new perennial flowers. 3
8-20-201705A Steppingstone Garden4 hoursWeekend total -- weeding, watering, transplanting 1
8-20-201705 Butterfly Garden Annex3 hoursWeeding -- working toward more variety of heights. 1
8-17-2017SE 2 hoursfinished pruning yews and hollys1 bags1
8-16-2017SE 3 hours3 bags1
8-15-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden3 hoursChildren`s garden - worked on portable water barrel setup (later changed to 55 gallon drum) 2
8-12-2017SE 3 hoursWeeded behind and under shrubs along corridor between Greenwich Park and Claremont Park. Also bed under tree at end of Claremont Park.3 bags1
8-12-201721 Carleton Path3 hoursborrowed shearer from Mire R, sheared the Hollys at Tot Lot, fell and was rescued by Carla and Ed. Discussed removal of Junipers at Claremont.4 bags1
8-11-201718S Braddock Hill3 hoursGot chairs for Braddock Hill, watered, putzed around talking with everyone.  1
8-11-201718S Braddock Hill3 hoursGot chairs for Braddock Hill, watered, putzed around talking with everyone.  1
8-8-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden4 hoursChildren`s gardening -- mostly just digging and moving stepping stones and sampling the various items in the garden (borage, mint, kale, etc.) Summer work teens have re-painted the garden wall. 8
8-7-2017SE 2 hoursWeeded behind and under shrubs along corridor between Greenwich Park and Claremont Park. Also bed under tree at end of Claremont Park.2 bags1
8-7-201718N Follen Swale10 hoursPruned viburnum at Follen, planted, weeded, 10 bags1
8-7-201701 Mass Ave Garden2 hoursPlanted lantana in Potting Garden; weeded in Mass. Ave. and Potting Garden. 1
8-6-2017All 4 hoursShopped for jennifer at Mahoneys and supplies and fencing.  1
8-4-201718S Braddock Hill12 hoursWeeded pruned and cleaned out Braddock Hill.15 bags1
7-25-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden6 hoursWeeding, new fencing in top section of garden 7
7-19-201716E Basketball Hill2 hoursVolunteer orinetation, pruned roses at Basketball hill.  2
7-12-2017SE 5 hoursplanted and pruned and general maintenance2 bags1
7-8-201708A Blackwood End18 hoursjennifer, Rebecca, MaryAnne,Kellie, Hayden,Dan, Jillian, John, Caliga, Franco all transported plants from Christian Science Plaza to Park.  9
7-8-201718S Braddock Hill19 hoursPlanted at Braddock Hill the material from the Christian Science Plaza6 bags9
7-5-201714A Durham Swale2 hourscleaned up after wild kids at Durham, weeded at Harcourt. 4 bags1
7-4-201712 Greenwich Park Terrace1 hoursweeded at greenwich, watered. 1 bags1
7-1-201705A Steppingstone Garden3 hoursPlanted geraniums from the Christian Science Plaza donation; weeded and watered; put weeds in bag. 1
6-27-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden22 hoursWeeded in `valley` section and seeds - borage, squash, pumpkins and zinnias. Planted additional seeds in 6-pack trays. Will transplant as seedlings emerge. Squash seedlings have emerged in the upper garden from seeds planted last week. 11
6-22-201707 Claremont Green22 hoursCleaned up at Claremont Comm Gdn, planted at Claremont Island6 bags7
6-20-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden12 hours2 adults; 10 children; digging; added lettuce and squash seeds; transplanted some flowers. Received new hand tools! Initial look at sundial. Took photos. (Approx. 12 work hours + more `playing/digging in dirt` hours) 12
6-12-201707 Claremont Green2 hoursPurchased and planted plants for raised bed at end of Claremont Park 1
6-11-201705A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursWeeding, watering. Also starting to move MBTA mulch from Mass Ave garden 1
6-11-2017SE 6 hoursset up watering along park, planted marigolds, cleaned up  1
6-10-201702 Rose Garden26 hoursCleaned out Symphony Corner and Rose Garden6 bags12
6-9-201712 Greenwich Park Terrace2 hoursplanted at Greenwich. 1
6-8-2017SE 3 hoursWeeding raised bed at end of Claremont Park. Filled 3 bags. 1
6-8-201718S Braddock Hill10 hoursMoved pine, built support for Plume Poppy, trip to Mahoneys for perennials and shrubs and bags. 1
6-4-201705A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursWeeding; used rope to fence off the raspberries and blackberry 1
6-2-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden5 hoursStaked up pea plants with bamboo stakes; transplanted some of the pea plants. Weeded part of the section between the new vegetables and the subway grate. Transplanted two squash plants. 3
6-2-201705A Steppingstone Garden0.5 hoursStaking around raspberries & blackberry. 1
6-201714 Durham Oval8 hoursFlash mob weeding by neighbors3 bags5
6-201702 Rose Garden7 hoursTrimmed burning bush, yew hedges and dogwood bushes 1
5-27-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden15 hoursMarie bought approximately 40 annuals and perennials: dianthus, impatiens and geraniums. We planted along the fence (near bike path). Planted a few extras in the 'valley' and near the hall. Also I bought vegetable seedlings from Stillmans: two watermelon, six lettuce and six collards. Planted lettuce and collards in the playground garden and watermelon n the fence garden. About 15 hours of work (kids, adults, shopping, planting) 11
5-27-201705A Steppingstone Garden3 hoursPlanted six raspberries and one blackberry. Removed broken holly bush. Used grass hook to cut grass and weeds in back of garden and around magnolia. Watered. Three raspberries are in back in part 1, one blackberry and one raspberry in the back in part 2, and two raspberries are in pots for now. 1
5-20-201701 Mass Ave Garden1 hoursWeeding at Mass. Ave., especially around cherry tree. 1
5-20-201714A Durham Swale14 hourscleaned out Durham Swale, spread compost, did a little planting. 1 needle found.  6
5-19-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden3 hoursWent to farmers` market to get some plants: verbena, eggplant, peppers, kale. Worked with 5 children to plant and water. Weeded and re-set some cobblestones. 6
5-18-2017SE 21 hoursWorked all along section 1. Pruned, planted, laid out soaker hoses, weeded.  16
5-18-2017SE 1.5 hoursPulling vines and tree shoots from juniper hedges along corridor by Claremont Street 1
5-12-201705A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursPotting garden - weeding, putting down moss. Mass. ave. garden, briefly weeding. 1
5-12-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursTurned over soil and put down moss along cement wall in the `valley garden.` 10 children, 2 adults. 11
5-11-2017SE 21 hoursplanted and weeded West Newton to West Canton.  13
5-6-201707 Claremont Green4 hoursremoved Yucca and planted same. Went shopping to Allandale farm. 1
5-4-2017All 14 hoursWent to Cavicchio and Weston nursery to purchase trees and shrubs etc.  1
5-4-201712 Greenwich Park Terrace4 hoursWeeded out Bishops mantle at Greenwich 6 bags1
5-3-2017SE 2 hoursPulling bishop`s root from raised beds at end of Greenwich Park 1
4-30-201701 Mass Ave Garden1 hours1 hour - general weeding etc. Will add plants once water is available 1
4-30-201718 W Newton Plaza2 hourscleaned out raised bed at W. Newton4 bags1
4-28-201718S Braddock Hill7 hoursWent to pick up trees and shrubs at Garden in the woods, then Planted them at Braddock and Follen. Chestnut Tree, Sorbaria, Viburnum 1
4-28-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden3 hoursFriday afternoon drop-in gardening for children in the children`s garden at Jackson Sq. Children turned over small patches along the walls and planted seeds. 8
4-18-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden34 hoursTurned over new garden section and re-organized cobblestone garden path. Planted three rosebushes. Eight teens from BostonCares April vacation program plus six children from Bromley Heath RealKidz program plus three adults. (34 total work hours) 17
4-15-2017SE 27 hours 10
4-15-201705A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursPruning in potting garden. Magnolia and cherry are starting to bud and blossom. 1
4-15-2017SE 3 hoursCleaned up and set stones and moved brush Sect 1.10 bags10
4-15-201718N Follen Swale10 hoursCleaned up at Follen and Braddock10 bags5
4-15-2017SE 12 hoursWeek of 4/9 to 4/14 1
4-8-201705A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursAdding moss around stepping stones, moving some of the stones. 1
4-7-2017All 6 hoursto Cavicchio for bedding plants, planted lillies, to Home Depot for yard waste bags.  1
2-26-201705A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursPlanned planting and restoration at Potting Garden etc. 1
2-26-2017SE 6 hoursPlanned planting and other projects for the season in section 1 1
1-7-201718N Follen Swale1 hoursPruned viburnum at Follen, laid down pine boughs at Blackwood 1
1-5-2017SE 7 hoursPruned, mulched trees with xmas tree boughs, planned for spring.  1
0-2017Board 100 hoursBoard Meetings and fund raising 5
Total  1848.25 hours 189 bags