Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer Hour Tracking - Summary

Thank you for all the work you do in the Southwest Corridor Park! Here is a summary of the information entered so far. The first chart shows hours by month. The second provides a listing of entries, including the map location, hours, date and description or comments.

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1661.5 hours tracked so far in 2018

1661.5 total volunteer hours

Volunteers worked in more than 24 different garden locations in the Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer garden stewards work on their own throughout the week and also groups of volunteers work on the approximately 16 volunteer days we have held so far this year.

Volunteers work either on their own; or in small groups; or in larger groups, with up to 75 volunteers working on our largest volunteer day.

On our volunteer days, 185 leaf/compost bags have been filled.

New plantings include 18 trees and 77 shrubs.

Volunteer Hours - By Group Size (working alone; in a group of 2-4; in a group of 5 or more)

Working alone 813.5 hours
5 or more people 769.5 hours
2-4 people 78.5 hours

Details - by Location and Garden

DateMap Area #Name of AreaHoursComments/DescriptionBags (optional info)Number of people in group
12-15-201814A Durham Swale2 hoursrolled Hoses, cut down stalks, spread hay on Durham Swale, pruned Callicarpa.  1
12-1-2018SE 3 hoursPruned Akebia, set cobblestones in Claremont at the corner. pruned holly and staked up larch at Greenwich Circle. 1
11-29-201807 Claremont Green3 hoursRolled hoses, swept leaves, transplanted spirea, pruned holly. ]Birds in the park: White capped sparrow, sharp shinned hawk, peregrine falcon and Golden Crown Kinglet.  1
11-26-201812 Greenwich Park Terrace2 hoursPut up snow fence at Greenwich and Claremont to protect trees. November had record rainfall, about 8 inches, and another inch due today. Pressing Ben about cleaning out drains along the park. Are we due for as much snow as we have had rain?  1
11-17-2018SE 28 hoursWe raked leaves, removed dead plants, Sequestered Carbon, spread hay at Durham Green12 bags13
11-15-2018SE 15 hoursSeason hours 1
11-15-201806 Wellington Terrace 120 hoursSeason hours (Wellington side) 1
11-15-201822 Holyoke Path100 hoursSeason hours 1
11-8-201822A Holyoke Circle10 hoursRaked Leaves at Holyoke and buried them at Canton10 bags7
11-7-201818S Braddock Hill5 hoursDub up root at Lower Braddock, moved Itea over from Follen Swale 2
11-6-2018SE 4 hoursMoved hay onto park, weeded and pruned, stored hoses and couplers. a Break in the rain.  1
10-20-2018SE 15 hoursWe yanked weeds at W Newton, spread compost in various places. Lauren and Peng volunteers returned. 4 bags9
10-18-2018SE 125 hoursSeason estimate 1
10-17-2018SE 4 hourset w/Pat over drains and changes to Tot Lot area. Weeded, pruned and planted, mostly at Durham Swale, set potted perennials in at Foster Bed. 2 bags1
10-14-201818S Braddock Hill5 hoursMoved Clalmagrostis, planted at lower and upper Braddock, planted elm in foster bed. Weeded too. 2 bags1
10-6-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden10 hoursWarm Saturday afternoon - weeded, cut back tree shoots, picked vegetables, took photos, played in garden. We have mini-pumpkins, eggplant, peppers & borage. 5
10-3-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden1 hoursKids got insects & plants from garden for Science Wednesday. 5
10-1-201805 Butterfly Garden Annex3 hoursWe weeded at the butterfly Extension. Found the Aronia Aristolochia, strong presence of Aster natives. Heavy bittersweet. 4 bags2
10-2018SE 20 hoursRepainted 2 green benches in Carlton Court Dog Park and power washed perimeter cement walls and 1/2 of dog park grounds. 1
9-30-201805A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursOver the weekend - transplanted potentilla (cinquefoil) from Wellington Terrace to Potting Garden. Came back & watered a few times. Also some minimal weeding. 1
9-30-201818N Follen Swale2 hoursWeeded out fallen swale, pruned and sheared. 2 bags1
9-27-201818 W Newton Plaza2.5 hoursTransplanted Red Bud from Foster Bed to W Newton east.  1
9-27-2018SE 4 hoursCleaned out homeless trash with Pat, planted Hydrangea at W newton N. weeded 1
9-27-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden1 hoursPlanted irises in children`s garden, in the section we call the "valley" between the raised garden and the playground. 1
9-27-2018All 6 hoursAttended info session for Henderson Grant 2
9-23-201818S Braddock Hill2 hoursPlanted 2 viburnum at lower Braddock, weeded, yelled at dog owners in the dog park for incessant barking. The is the third time this week. 2 bags1
9-22-201818S Braddock Hill4 hoursremoved stumps from Lower Braddock Hill, met with girl scouts and built a habitat and removed invasive.  1
9-21-201814A Durham Swale6 hoursPurchased shrubs at Weston Nurseries, and planted Perennial Mums at Durham Swale.  1
9-15-201810 Claremont Island1 hoursweed/clean up 1
9-15-201827 West Canton Green20 hoursEd managed the event as Franco had to work. The group cleaned up W Canton Green in prep for the plantings. 6 bags10
9-15-2018SE 20 hoursWe Moved mulch and cleanup up at Blackwood Green close to Mass Ave, and the W Rutland Corner. 6 bags12
9-13-201805A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursWeeding 1
9-8-2018SE 5 hoursCleaned out Foster bed and lower Braddock. Cut out trees, weeded. 6 bags1
9-2-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden1.5 hoursSunday afternoon - with two neighborhood children - watered and weeded. 3
9-2-201805A Steppingstone Garden0.5 hoursWatering, weeding 1
9-201805 Blackwood/Claremont CG Blackwood/Claremont CG8 hours 1
8-30-2018SE 2 hoursPruned and watered along park. Cicadas are active, for the first time? DCR is digging trench to connect drains leading off dog Park.  1
8-29-2018SE 6 hoursAug 27 and 28, watering, set up for volunteer day. With NEU yesterday we cleaned out W Newton E and N, 6 bags1
8-29-201807 Claremont Green2.5 hoursPruned and weeded at Claremont Green. Watered as well. Temperature hits a record of 96 degrees. It is hot out. 4 bags1
8-28-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden1.5 hoursTuesday afternoon - watered and weeded -- with two neighborhood children 3
8-28-2018SE 50 hoursNortheastern University ACES program back-to-school service week event. ACES stands for the Association of Civically Engaged Students. We worked in small groups in the rose garden, butterfly garden, West Newton corner and Claremont Green. Great group -- hot day -- temperature over 97 degrees. 10 bags25
8-25-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden3 hoursWeeding in children`s garden; made cobblestone edging for vegetables along playground fence; also various conversations, etc. 5
8-23-201801 Mass Ave Garden2 hoursAug. 23/24 - Installed murals in park; weeded at Mass. Ave.; picked up weeds and put in yard waste bags. 1
8-19-201805A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursWeeding / follow up to Aug. 17th event 1
8-18-2018SE 8 hoursPruned and weeded from Greenwich park to dog Park.10 bags2
8-17-2018SE 120 hoursA group of college students worked in the park as a community service event, as part of their back-to-school event for a statewide scholarship program. Students are attending colleges all around the state, with many from UMass Amherst, NEU, BC and other colleges. We had six garden stewards, as well as neighbors from Susan Bailis, participating in the day. Weeding & garden/website photography. 60
8-17-201810 Claremont Island2 hoursweeding 2
8-16-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursCatching up with weeding in children`s garden. 1
8-14-201818N Follen Swale1.5 hoursWeeded out Lower Follen. 3 bags1
8-13-2018SE 3 hoursPlanted small pine at Durham, Rhus in a pot at Foster Bed, weeded out Holyoke. 2 bags1
8-7-2018SE 5 hoursFixed water connections and hoses, reran soakers, set up water along the park. 1
8-2-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden9 hoursWatered, weeded, labeled plants, transplanted. 8
8-201805 Blackwood/Claremont CG Blackwood/Claremont CG15 hours 1
8-201805 Blackwood/Claremont CG Blackwood/Claremont CG12 hours 1
7-31-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden4 hoursPurchased & brought chalkboard to Jackson Sq. for garden; watered; weeded. 3
7-31-201801 Mass Ave Garden2 hoursWeeded & watered, potting garden and Mass. Ave. garden. 1
7-28-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden1.25 hoursPlanted pepper and eggplant plants, gifted as hand-me-downs from Haley House Urban Farm.  1
7-27-201810 Claremont Island0.5 hoursweeding 1
7-25-201818N Follen Swale2 hoursRyobi Weed Wacker used for first time at Follen and Braddock Hills, it edged both sides in about 20 minutes.  1
7-23-2018SE 25 hoursCut down weed trees, entire South End. 6 bags1
7-21-201810 Claremont Island1.5 hoursweeding 1
7-21-201805A Steppingstone Garden1.5 hoursWeeded, watered, took photos to analyze changes. 1
7-20-2018SE 46 hoursCommunity service day as part of an IBM summer internship program. Worked in Wellington & Claremont area - weeded, transplanted, pruned. DCR (3 staff) also worked throughout the morning. 15
7-18-201818S Braddock Hill4 hoursEd and I planted at Braddock Hill, tied up perennials at Follen Swale2 bags1
7-16-2018SE 5 hoursPruned, weeded and watered, W. Canton to Mass Ave. Yesterday, pat found a Spicebush Swallowtail larva on a Lindera shrub at Garrison cove. 4 bags1
7-14-201801 Mass Ave Garden2 hoursWeeding; Mass. Ave. and Potting Garden. 1
7-14-201802 Rose Garden2 hoursWeeded throughout, dead headed the rest of the Rose bushes. Set sprinkler to run against the climbing Rose fence and throughout upper lawn for 3 hours. 1 needle reported.  1
7-13-201802 Rose Garden1.5 hoursWeeded the maple and along hillside. Deadheaded some rose bushes. Ran sprinkler under Maple 4 hours.  1
7-13-2018SE 3.5 hoursAdjusted water, upper park, met Terry possible volunteer. Weeded at Greenwich upper terrace. 2 bags1
7-12-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden9 hoursAt children`s garden from 10 a.m. till sometime after 12 noon. About 1 hour of garden program with children - built worm composting bins; plant labels; watering; fixed rope fence. Also weeded and watered; a few children also watered later in the morning. 9
7-11-201818S Braddock Hill10 hoursPlanted Vernonium at lower Braddock. Found a Spicebush swallowtail larva on Lindera at Garrison, fortunately found before DCR was about to kill the plant.  1
7-7-201805A Steppingstone Garden4 hoursWeeding 2
7-7-201802 Rose Garden1.5 hoursPicked up yew trimmings on sidewalk side and weeded edge is I went. I only had one recycle bag so tatted the rest. Raked most the hedge to get cuttings off the top.  1
7-7-201810 Claremont Island2 hoursweeding3 bags1
7-7-2018SE 10 hoursWeek of July 1 to July 7, weeded at Durham, pruned up Holyoke, planted at Upper Braddock and Upper Wellington, pruned at Blackwood, weeded out Greenwich Pk and kept up with watering. 6 bags1
7-5-201802 Rose Garden1 hoursWeeded, deadheaded Roses, thinned 2 trees suckers to replace old ones. Tree on right is severely in jeopardy. Ants eating away rotting wood. Tree is loosing bark. Need to talk w Franco and pat on it.  1
7-5-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden3 hoursPrep work in children`s garden. DCR provided the water barrel. Super hot day -- did light weeding, re-arranging, etc. (And took breaks to drink water.) 1
7-4-201805A Steppingstone Garden0.75 hoursWeeding/waterig 1
7-201805 Blackwood/Claremont CG Blackwood/Claremont CG17 hours 1
6-30-201810 Claremont Island5 hoursGeneral weeding Oval Calendon/Greenwich Park 2
6-30-201805A Steppingstone Garden0.75 hoursWeeding and watering in Potting Garden. 1
6-30-201802 Rose Garden1.5 hoursFinished trimming yew hedge. Still need to clean up clippings.  1
6-30-201801 Mass Ave Garden0.75 hoursWeeding in Mass. Ave. garden.1 bags1
6-29-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden3 hoursChildren`s garden -- added more flower seeds & snap peas; worked on cobblestone path; weeded and cut back shoots around crab apple tree. Over the winter, thyme and mint grew into part of the path, and so we are re-establishing the path - moved some mint and cobblestones; pushed back the thyme; one child led a parade of 6- and 7-year olds in circles around the path.  9
6-27-201802 Rose Garden1 hoursTrimmed more of yew hedge. Almost done.  1
6-26-201802 Rose Garden1.5 hoursTrimmed another 1/3 of yew hedge.  1
6-26-201802 Rose Garden1.5 hoursTrimmed another 1/3 of yew hedge.  1
6-25-201802 Rose Garden1.5 hoursTrimmed some more of Yew hedge 1
6-25-201818 W Newton Plaza2 hoursweeded out Newton East, bittersweet, poke weed, oak etc. 8 bags1
6-23-201805A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursTransplanted two heather plants from the `purple` garden along the border of the potting garden to the area near the magnolia tree. Now there are 5 heather plants in a semi-circle around the tree. 1
6-23-201802 Rose Garden2 hoursWeeded stone path along hillside. Weeded hillside and under rope. Trimmed evergreen hedge at entrance.  1
6-22-201802 Rose Garden2 hoursWeeded path around inner circle next to Maple. Weeded top of hill working down to path. Set sprinkler on Maple and ground cover for 5 hours.  1
6-17-2018SE 4 hoursThis morning we found a homeless encampment at the Butterfly Garden, and about 200 sq ft of the garden flattened, police were called. I found a party of 5 at the area between the dog park and the tot lot. Told them to clean up, then later found that they installed a hammock with appropriate rug on the bed. Police called again. I set out more water lines.  1
6-16-2018SE 12 hoursWeeded at Upper wellington and Durham. 6 bags5
6-15-201802 Rose Garden2 hoursWeeded maple circle, set up drip hose on half the garden.  1
6-15-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden3.5 hoursChildren`s garden, drop in, weeding and planting seeds... Borage squash peas zinnias spinach. 6
6-13-201801 Mass Ave Garden2 hoursTues. & Wed. evening, weeding and watering, Mass. Ave. garden, Wellington Terrace and Potting Garden 1
6-13-201802 Rose Garden2 hoursWeeded and removed wild bushes, uncovered a couple more Roses  1
6-13-2018SE 10 hoursWe dug out Barberry at Rutland Circle then cleaned out foster bed up by dog park6 bags3
6-12-201802 Rose Garden2 hoursTrimmed bushes, removed wild ones, soaked maple and ground cover for 5 hours.  1
6-9-2018SE 1.5 hourswatered, set down soakers at Upper Braddock. Cut down more Braberry at Rutland. Circle.  1
6-6-201818S Braddock Hill8 hoursWeeded and planted at upper Braddock Hill. 6 bags1
6-5-2018SE 3 hoursPlanted sunflower etc Claremont Alley through to Durham swale 1
6-3-2018All 16 hoursWe went plant shopping at Sylvan nursery and Avant Gardens. Excellent day 1
6-3-201806 Wellington Terrace 5 hoursPlanted seeds, weeded, set soakers2 bags1
6-2-201805A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursWeeding and worm-bin setup 2
6-1-2018All 4 hoursPrep for NEU service project 2
6-1-2018All 84 hours37 Northeastern Univ. students worked in the park as a service project as part of their training as student orientation leaders. Students completed projects at Mass. Ave. and Stony Brook; also read about the history of the park and information about the neighborhoods. // 37 students // 5 neighborhood volunteers plus DCR 42
6-201805 Blackwood/Claremont CG Blackwood/Claremont CG15 hours 1
5-28-201804 Butterfly Garden60 hours12 bags5
5-26-201805A Steppingstone Garden3 hoursTransplanted three heather plants to the area by the stepping stones around the magnolia. These plants are hand-me-downs from my building. Watered, weeded. 1
5-23-201818S Braddock Hill10 hoursPut new caart together, set out soakers, planted at Upper Braddock and Follen and marigolds at W Newton.  2
5-22-20182F Jackson Square Playground Garden2.5 hoursPlanted curry plant in border along playground fence; moved borage within the border; weeded main garden; added two thyme plants 1
5-20-201805 Blackwood/Claremont CG Blackwood/Claremont CG3 hoursWeed; plant flowers. 1
5-19-201805A Steppingstone Garden5 hoursTransplanted strawberries, weeded (removed biships weed; weeded vines and grass) 2
5-17-201805A Steppingstone Garden2 hoursWeeding; moved stepping stones around magnolia tree 1
5-15-201804 Greenwich Park CG Greenwich/Cumberland Community Garden12 hoursEd planted, I helped plant the Crabapple at Greenwich, then shopped for stakes to secure the tree.  1
5-15-201802 Follen CG Follen CG2 hourssee previous entry 20
5-15-201803 Braddock Park CG Braddock Park CG2 hoursWe planted 2 trees, removed invasive plants, removed dead shrubs, planted flowers and perennials, at Follen and Braddock, mostly 20
5-12-201801 Mass Ave Garden2 hoursPlanted ground cover rose in front of Mass. Ave. garden, on the edge in front of cherry tree. Planted sage and thyme in Mass. Ave. garden. Two curry plants and 12 lobelias in Potting Garden. Raining this morning. 1
5-11-2018SE 14 hoursWent shopping for plant material for rose Garden etc.  1
5-7-201804 Greenwich Park CG Greenwich/Cumberland Community Garden5 hoursspoke with Pat, re trees, and Karen Hohler re shrubs, planted at Greenwich pk.  1
5-4-201806 Wellington Terrace 1.5 hoursPlanted and watered additional cinquefoil; the original plantings were dry when they were planted and not thriving. 2
5-201805 Blackwood/Claremont CG Blackwood/Claremont CG15 hours 1
4-28-201810 Claremont Island2 hoursWeed, plant, fertilize  1
4-28-201802 Rose Garden12 hoursPark Serve Day: 5 volunteers and 4 DCR staff. Volunteers planted pachysandra in the circle around the Japanese maple and transplanted some of the scilla within the circle and along the side of the path. DCR staff put in wooden stakes and rope to fence off the circle and the garden beds. DCR also purchased and delivere the plants, rope and wooden stakes (a $200 budget from ParkServe.)  5
4-24-201805A Steppingstone Garden1 hoursWatering 1
4-23-201805A Steppingstone Garden3 hoursSunday night / Monday morning - watering 1
4-22-2018SE 6 hoursSaturday & Sunday -- Garden prep for the School Group Earth Day event -- Jennifer, Mike, Bruce. 3
4-22-2018SE 50 hoursSchool Volunteer Day - Earth Day - With Kingsley Montessori School. A great turnout of children and families. City Compost brought two buckets of compost and the families brought bins of compost from Bootstrap compost. Planting seedlings and seeds, spreading compost and turning over soil. We put cinquefoil, columbine and anemone in the Wellington Terrace garden (at the end). Heather, phlox and violas alongside Blackwood Green at one end of the potting garden area. Daisies (osterspermum), alyssum and violas at the stepping stone path side of the potting garden. Strawberries and herbs along the border; vegetables in the containers. Started turning over the soil in the rose garden. Short walking tours to look at the butterfly garden and rose garden. // 50 hours of very productive work time -- everyone was really engaged and did a lot of planting! 75
4-18-201814A Durham Swale11 hoursplanted at Greenwich, shopped at Mahoney`s, planted grass at Durham.  1
4-15-201805A Steppingstone Garden2 hours 1
4-14-201805A Steppingstone Garden0.5 hours 1
4-13-201814A Durham Swale10 hoursfenced in Durham, pruned back Yews at Round Window. Washed work gloves. walked the park planning.  1
4-12-201818N Follen Swale3 hoursCleaned out Follen6 bags1
4-9-2018SE 4 hoursplanted flowers, pruned, tied up pine, removed rose from foster bed, made signs, fed HOLYOKE, SPREAD gypsum at Claremont.  1
4-6-201804 Greenwich Park CG Greenwich/Cumberland Community Garden2 hoursMet with Pat about the Feral Cats at Claremont,and Aserating the grass areas.  1
3-29-2018All 2 hoursdiscussed Wendy/funraising and Joe Copolla/donation.  1
3-29-2018SE 4 hoursSpread ashes on Lilacs, organized Clarendon Storage, raked Holyoke and dog park border, cleaned out homeless trash and dead branches. 6 bags1
3-24-201804 Greenwich Park CG Greenwich/Cumberland Community Garden25 hoursCleaned up mostly at Claremont Blackwood and Greenwich. 6 bags12
3-22-2018All 4 hoursDid budget, met w pat about park projects and concerns, planned for volunteer day. 1
3-13-201805 Blackwood/Claremont CG Blackwood/Claremont CG5 hoursShopped for stuff at Home Depot, Set seeds, emails, plans, purchased hellebores at Star, shook snow off tender trees.  1
2-28-201803 Braddock Park CG Braddock Park CG2 hoursStaked trees at Braddock Hill and in front of the Tiffany`s house.  1
2-16-2018SE 3 hourspruned Larix, set up stump for bees, pruned Hamamelis, roses and grasses 1
2-15-2018SE 3 hoursWith Pat, Ed and Mike R at Rose Garden, then along entire park pruning and repairing and putting up fence.  1
2-7-201807 Claremont Green3 hoursPruned with Pat Driscoll at Butterfly Meadow, Wellington and Claremont. Spoke about repairs with Pat and Ben.  1
Total  1661.5 hours 185 bags